Part One ‘Dispelling the myths’

In a digital industry that continues to grow around the agile manifesto and its MVPs, test-and-learn approach, just-in-time documentation, automation and cross-functional teams, we’ve seen more and more of our clients wanting to develop and inspire their own digital capability. It’s a natural and admirable goal that makes good sense (even more so as businesses emerge from the shadow of COVID-19). Develop an internal capability, manage your own team and you can control your own destiny.  

But is it the best option for everyone?  

Part One of the Uplift Series delves into the myths of trying to establish and run a digital team, the dangers of believing everything you read online, and how the process can be fraught with danger without real-world experience to cut through the noise. There are many pitfalls that businesses will almost certainly encounter on their journey down this road, particularly on enterprise platforms like Sitecore and Adobe, and we at Isobar have rescued just as many clients as we’ve helped — many of whom have tried, and failed, to go it alone. 

So don’t go it alone. As the world shudders through the earthquake and inevitable aftershocks that is COVID-19, we believe it’s the responsibility of everyone and every business to shoulder part of the burden, to help others, to give back when they can. Therefore, we’re doing just that: sharing some of our experience in this series to help you, with future episodes dedicated to exploring the many areas that digital team leaders need to understand, including leadership, talent, technology, tools, strategy, support and more. 

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